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Bellite is the harmonious fusion of 'Annabelle,' our esteemed wine maker, and 'Olite,' the very heart of our winemaking journey. Discover the essence of our

hand-picked wines, where terroir, history, and personality unite in each precious drop.

La Pedrera

Our single vineyard wine. A testament to nature's artistry, embraces calcareous rock and red clay soils, nurturing our 80-year-old, non-irrigated Garnacha vines. Guided by the principles of biodynamic farming, our wines encapsulate the purest expression of the land, leaving an indelible mark on your senses.

Garnacha Blanca ​


Our Garnacha Blanca is a reflection of our terroir's true essence, achieved through whole cluster fermentation and careful aging in Puncheons and concrete eggs. The daily battonage during maturation enhances the wine's complexity, resulting in a remarkable blend that captures the essence of our vineyards and winemaking philosophy.

Borra de la Vega

'Borra de la Vega' weaves together Annabelle's surname with her partners surname. In the lyrical tapestry of Argentinian Spanish, 'Borra' signifies 'lees,' the essence of winemaking, while 'de la Vega' whispers of riverside beauty. Together, these names embody the essence of our craft, rooted in heritage, alliance and flowing with the grace of nature.


Our annual handcrafted blend, meticulously created with a focus on detail. Carefully selected grapes from our biodynamic vineyards in Olite, Spain, come together to produce a wine that reflects the essence of our commitment to quality winemaking.


Borra de la Vega
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