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At Vinos de Bellite we strongly believe in highlighting the individual characteristics of our vineyards. Cultivated in harmony with biodynamic principles, our handpicked Garnacha grapes radiate the very essence of this land, conveying its rich heritage with each sip.

Old Vine Garnacha

We believe in working hand in hand with the land, embracing biodynamic methods that allow us to nurture the vines and unleash their true potential. Our vineyard is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the land's integrity.

Each individual parcel is treated with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that it receives precisely what it needs to thrive. This personalized approach allows the vines to express their own unique flavors, a direct reflection of the terroir they call home. From the first sip to the last, our wines captivate with their distinct personalities and authentic sense of place.

One of the distinguishing features of our vineyard is that we have never irrigated our vines. As a result, the roots have delved deep into the earth, creating an extensive and robust root system. This natural adaptation gives our plants incredible strength and power, enabling them to withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions. The resilience of our vines translates into wines of exceptional character and complexity, capturing the true essence of our vineyard.

In these old vineyards we see white vines scattered around. Previously, when a vine was missing it would be replaced by a vine of a white variety. This was done to provide a tasty snack for the workers as while they also produce a greater yield in a shorter time, compared to their tinto count .  

We believe in harvesting the vineyard as it is. Giving it the unique profile it provides, as well as creating wines with great potential and flavour profiles. 



We strongly believe in enhancing the biodiversity within our vineyards. As nature would be in balance without human interference, we believe the more natural habitats we can create, the more benefit there is for us as well as for our surroundings.  Since we do not spray with systemic pesticides, birds are often found making homes in our vineyards, as well as rabbits, lady bugs and many other animals.

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