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Harvested Fresh Olives

Oro Verde

This liquid gem, crafted exclusively from 100% Arbequina olives, embodies the essence of our terroir, history, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Discover the soul of our olive trees, where the rhythm of seasons and the wisdom of the land converge to olive oil.

Pouring Olive Oil


As the sun kisses each olive, coaxing forth their rich flavors, our artisans carefully harvest and cold-press these precious fruits. The result? A harmonious fusion of herbaceous notes, almond sweetness, and a gentle peppery finish—a symphony that dances across your palate.



Oro Verde is more than oil; it’s a testament to tradition, sustainability, and the artistry of nature. Our commitment to sustainability is followed with our olives as well. Where we use organic and biodynamic practices to farm our olives trees. 



Arbequina, renowned for its exceptional quality, produces olives that stand as a testament to the Spanish sun. Its secret lies in the harmonious fusion of robust flavors—herbaceous, fruity, and slightly peppery—resulting in liquid gold that graces our tables and tantalizes our taste buds. 


Oro Verde

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