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At vinos de Bellite, every action is guided by our believe in leaving the wolra better place. We openly share our methods, utilising innovative tools like drones and natural teas to enhance our sustainable practices. 



Herbal infusions

We harness the power of herbal infusions like chamomile and nettle to naturally boost the health and resilience of our vineyards. Nettle infusions activate the plant's self-defense mechanisms, while chamomile helps mitigate heat stress, enriching the soil and ensuring a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.



Our use of electric drones offers significant benefits for vineyard management. Drones prevent soil compaction and minimize disturbance, allowing us to maintain a healthier environment. They enable precision applications, targeting individual vines with exact treatments, ensuring optimal care while conserving resources and promoting sustainability. We work together with dronerotech for this.

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Birdsong is not only a pleasant addition to our vineyards but also plays a crucial role in promoting plant health and growth. Studies have shown that the presence of birds and their songs can positively affect plant vitality. Birds help control pests by feeding on insects, reducing the need for chemical interventions. Additionally, the vibrations and frequencies of birdsongs have been found to stimulate plant growth and improve overall resilience. By encouraging a thriving bird population, we enhance the natural ecosystem, leading to healthier and more robust vineyards.


Biodynamic Preparations

Biodynamic preparations are essential for nurturing soil health and enhancing the vitality of our vineyards. Preparations such as horn manure (500) and horn silica (501) are applied to enrich the soil and promote balanced plant growth.



Cover Crops

Cover crops play a vital role in our vineyard by decompacting the soil, fixing nitrogen, providing essential nutrients, and preventing soil erosion. We use both spontaneous and planted cover crops, with the spontaneous ones offering valuable insights into soil health and variations within the vineyard.

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