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Biodynamic Vineyard


At Vinos de Bellite we believe that great wines are born from a harmonious relationship between the land, the vines, and the winemaker. Our dedication to biodynamic practices and regenerative agriculture, hence the preservation of our vineyard's natural balance, ensures that each bottle tells a story of authenticity and craftsmanship.


We invite you to explore our wines and experience the profound connection between nature and the art of winemaking.


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Get to Know Us

At Vinos de Bellite we aim to highlight the singular personality of our individual vineyards. Creating wines of integrity and great potential. We farm our 80 year old Garnacha vineyards based on purely organic and biodynamic practices. We do this for two reasons; firstly we believe this results in the most excellent quality of the grapes, and secondly we believe in respecting the nature and leaving things in better shape than we found it.

Furthermore we believe in minimal invention winemaking. Really letting the fruit speak for itself. Using vessels that are natural to the area like concrete vats and clay amphoras. 


Annabelle Borra

Our founder and winemaker; originally from the United States and raised in the Netherlands, developed a passion for winemaking during her master's degree, leading her to Bordeaux University, where she gathered knowledge in Enology and Viticulture 

Annabelle Borra
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